What is Vertical Adult Development?

Expanding your ability to think, feel and act in more adaptive ways.

Adult Vertical Development has no “leaps, ” hacks or shortcuts. It’s more like rock climbing, getting a foothold on a new way of looking at life. It then needs to be tested and lived until it becomes a new centre of gravity and your new default position.

Vertical development is a process of developing a greater capacity for seeing and understanding beyond our usual mental models and habitual patterns. It involves growing new capabilities that help us explore novel possibilities, increase creativity, think strategically and make better personal and professional decisions more effectively.

Ultimately, vertical development is an ongoing process that requires courage, discernment, and commitment, opening meaningful pathways towards personal growth and lasting change previously inaccessible.

Adult vertical development invites self-enquiry: beliefs about yourself; motivations for seeking change; resources; and your support network.

When you change the frame, you change the game! When looking at beliefs about yourself, it’s essential to recognise that you can transform beyond what you thought possible. Consider how growth could look different from before — rather than repeating old habits or making minor improvements within existing capabilities — permit yourself to evolve into new possibilities.

Purpose and motivation also play a crucial role as they provide a sense of direction when challenging existing assumptions or stepping off into challenging terrain. Taking an honest inventory of why you want to stretch beyond your current limits can be incredibly empowering — even if, at first, the reasons seem intangible or difficult to define, and there’s always more within you. ‘Good enough’ has its place in some situations, but when you think it can’t get any better…it won’t. Don’t limit your aspirations. Remember…Heaven has a Penthouse!

Supportive relationships are essential, whether friends, family or professionals with experience guiding others on their journeys. You might create a community around you with similar aspirations or find mentors who can challenge your thinking in helpful ways. Gather an entourage of people who you trust and with whom you have a reciprocal relationship. Knowing that others ‘see you’ as you challenge yourself will make all the difference when things become uncomfortable or overwhelming.

Lastly, what practical systems and resources do you need to move forward?

Leaders in the Wild is a platform to effect organisational transformation via vertical development of your leaders, teams and critical talent. Our programs provide targeted resources, diagnostics, mentorship, and a supportive environment to help guide individuals along the journey. We invite you to join us in this positive experience and unleash your full potential!

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